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I SOOOO called this!! As we all know, Lady Gaga has recently made it her mission to out-Miley, Miley Cyrus, ever since Miley upstaged her at this year’s VMA’s. When Gaga realized that she can no longer shock anyone anymore with her weird performance art she decided to follow Miley Cyrus’ lead and just get naked, trying to one-up Miley in the process. 

Lady Gaga: “Miley showed her tits?! HA! I’m gonna show my tits AND my bush! Take that, Miley! Miley performed naked in her Wrecking Ball video and broke records for web views?! Well I’ll show her! I’m going to get naked AND have sex in MY video!! I’m going to break all the records that don’t even exist right now!”

Since Miley has found such “success” with having pervert Terry Richardson direct her video it was totally obvious (to me anyhow) that Lady Gaga would be chomping at the bit to have Terry direct her video. So, what can we expect from this notable rapist, pedophile, pervert and sexual harasser to come up with for Lady Gaga’s Do What You Want With My Body video…? Well, based on the lyrics, the performer and director, I’d say it’s a safe bet that they will come up with a porno and call it “art.” Most likely Lady Gaga will just do R. Kelly, or maybe Terry. Or both. And you know Lady Gaga is all about authenticity- she’d never simulate something like that… Then she’ll talk about how empowering her video is. Wait for it. It’s coming. 

Why, why, why?! So many whys so little time… You probably don’t know this girl by name, but surely you’ve heard of Anthony Weiner and his sexting debacle… well, this is the girl on the other end of the sexts. Surprise, surprise she’s looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Let me bring you up to speed. After coming out as Anthony Weiner’s partner in crime, this girl (Sydney Leathers) has parlayed what many would consider to be shocking, disgraceful and embarrassing into a small fortune. First, she became the spokesperson for some sort of texting hookup company, how fitting. Then, she must have figured she’s already sold her dignity, so why not try to make more money… Just as all famewhores who feel the limelight fading away do, she turned to PORN! She did porn and still no one cared, so now how will she try to get people to pay attention to her? Well, Sydney Leathers is going to have part of her lady parts cut off and she is AUCTIONING the skin off to the highest bidder. Truly disgusting.

First off, ok I don’t even know why I’m asking this… but, why would she be openly talking about having a labiaplasty done? Oh, yes, that’s right… because she’s a famewhore! Secondly, why would she auction off what I can only imagine is medical waste? She must have a seriously saggy vagina if they are cutting off enough to actually preserve it. What would possess her to think there is some value in her loose hanging vaginal skin? Gross. Third, why the hell would anyone buy a piece of this girl’s rotting flesh? Not to mention WHO would buy this. This is just beyond desperate. This girl is the epitome of everything wrong with the world today.

This is straight from the horse’s mouth, people: 

"But we’re led by the least noble, the least dignified, the least tasteful, the dumbest, and the most political."

That’s not very nice to talk about your baby mama that way, Kanye! Wait, what…? He wasn’t talking about Kim Kardashian? I’m sorry, how could I have misinterpreted that statement? It’s so obvious, he was were talking about himself. Well that’s very introspective and there may be hope for him after all. Wait, what…? He was NOT talking about himself OR Kim Kardashian? Well WHO THE HELL is he talking about then?!

These two individuals are two of the least dignified, least tasteful and dumbest people out there AND they are leaders. As much as it pains me to call Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leaders, unfortunately, they are. What does that tell us about our society? Kim Kardashian who has yet to say one intelligent thing in her life rose to infamy the old fashioned way: a sex tape. This lovely role model has more than 18 MILLION followers on Twitter. Holy shit! Don’t even get me started on the reasons why she is an awful role model, you’ll be reading for days! Poor Kanye, even though he’s a self-proclaimed GENIUS, he has fewer Twitter followers than his baby mama, coming in at 10 MILLION. It must really sting his ego to know that his talentless, famewhore of a fiancé is more popular than him, even though he is a talented genius at everything he puts his mind to. One of these days maybe he’ll put his talented mind to use by actually making sense when he speaks. Until then, I will relish every time he opens his mouth.

Oh, and I almost forgot… Who in Holy Hell invited him to speak at Harvard?! What a travesty.

I’m not sure why Courtney Stodden is being publicized so much… I mean, really, who cares what a 19 year old who admittedly doesn’t read or write has to say? She really has no claim to fame other than making the ginormous mistake of getting married to a much older man at age 16… She’s appeared on a few reality tv shows, but it’s not as if she was particularly notable… She’s no Kim Kardashian, and she doesn’t seem to have any connections in Hollywood other than her husband. She’s just become a public spectacle.

Why did she go on Bethany Frankel’s tv show? What does she have to talk about? Not much obviously. She doesn’t really have any past projects or upcoming projects… She’s not interested in a career, and she wants to clear the air that she’s going to be a regular 19 year old girl? Ok… then do that. You don’t need to go on tv to announce it. What do most regular 19 year old girls do? They are usually either working on an education or working at a job. She is doing neither. 

I’m going to venture to guess she is on the lookout for a new sugar daddy with more money and status. No offense Doug, but let’s face it, I doubt he has much of either. To a 16 year old girl from timbuktu it probably seemed very glamorous to marry a Hollywood actor, and she probably assumed he had lots of money. There are so many actors in Hollywood and most of them are not making big money… 

Oh, and all the plastic surgery… Courtney, you were a naturally beautiful young girl. I don’t think you realize that you are ruining your looks and making yourself look MUCH older than you are! You look like you are on par with the cast of any of the Real Housewives shows, but those women have 20+ years on you! If you stop messing with your looks now your natural youth and beauty may still be able to shine through. Also, take a note from Heidi Montag and get those ridiculous breast implants taken out! 

I HIGHLY doubt she had an offer of $5 million to do porn, but if she did and she refused, good for her. 

This child is so, so lost. I feel so sorry for her. Courtney, from the bottom of my heart I am going to give you some advice. You need to get an education. You are not famous because of a bankable talent. If you truly don’t want to do porn, you need to have something to fall back on other than your body. Get a GED, start taking some classes and broaden your horizons or learn a skill or craft that you can support yourself from. Your parents gave you permission to do something that I’m sure you can see now was a HUGE mistake. With a little bit of life experience under your belt maybe you will be able to get some perspective on who is truly looking out for your best interests… no one. YOU need to look out for yourself.